PayPal launches virtual Christmas party for employees across the globe

PayPal launches virtual Christmas party for employees across the globe

Something for the weekend: Ever wondered how the rest of the world parties at Christmas? Well PayPal employees have the answer, after attending a 29-hour virtual global shindig –from the comfort of their own homes

This month, Paypal invited its employees to sit back, let their hair down, and relax – (in front of a computer screen…) to recognise and reward staff for the year.

During the 29-hour party, across 60 virtual venues, employees could engage in magic, shows, live performances and even cookery workshops.

Keen dancers – including, no doubt, scores of PayPal ‘dad’ dancers – were given their moment to shine on virtual disco floors.

Families of employees at PayPal were also welcomed to get loose and join in on the fun.

To add to the immersive experience, employees had the opportunity to virtually tap someone on the shoulder, take pictures, and celebrate the year finally being over with their fellow peers around the globe.

The non-stop virtual holiday party was held through a customised online platform which allows employees to tune in anywhere they want…in their house, on TVs, mobile phones, or laptops, meaning there was no excuse to not be partying all night long.

A spokesperson at PayPal said: “PayPal’s annual holiday parties have historically differed by site and included a range of experiences. Given the virtual environment, the entire workforce is under this year, it was an opportunity to host one global event that was a consistent and safe experience for all employees to engage with.”

Here at Employee Benefits, it is exciting to see employers finding alternatives to Christmas parties. At least employees this year did not have to worry about their travels home in the early hours of the morning when the party finally ended …