Horseshoe Casino gifts 800 turkeys to staff

Horseshoe Casino awards employees with free turkeys

Something for the weekend: Baltimore-based entertainment organisation Horseshoe Casino has gifted every employee a free turkey ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States.

To reward its employees for their hard work in dealing with uncertainty during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the employer tossed 800 turkeys over to its employees.

The turkey giveaway has helped employees put food on the table just in time for Thanksgiving, leaving everyone at the table stuffed and grateful of the unconventional recognition payment. The organisation felt this would be a key way to boost staff morale during uncertain times.

Thomas York, vice president of marketing at Horseshow Casino, said: “We shut down in March [and] were happy to reopen in July with all the safety precautions that are expected. It has put a lot of extra work on our employees and we wanted to recognise that. They work really hard and they always have, but they have had to work that much harder.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we hope that the turkeys leave employees gobbling all the way through their festivities.