Orchid Group serves up lottery, awards and charity events

Orchid Group has launched a number of incentive and motivation programmes, including an employee lottery, recognition awards, a concierge service and a payroll-giving scheme.

The initiatives were rolled out as part of an ongoing internal communications programme last month, and are available to the pub and restaurant chain’s 6,500 staff.

The Orchid Lottery offers a range of prizes that staff can be chosen at random to win, such as indoor sky diving, a fashion makeover or tickets to major sporting events. Tickets corresponding to employees’ payroll numbers are placed in a monthly draw made by chief executive Rufus Hall or another board member.

The company has also introduced the annual Halo Awards, also known as the Orchid Oscars, for which staff can nominate their colleagues. A black-tie award ceremony will take place in January, where trophies will be presented to staff.

The firm’s One Big Idea scheme invites staff to provide feedback to managers in exchange for a cash prize, the size of which depends on how substantial their idea is.

Orchid has also introduced a concierge service, provided by Time and Knowledge, to help staff with matters such as arranging a holiday.

To support its corporate social responsibility strategy, the company will this month hold its first charity challenge in aid of its Cancercare charity. Its Big Swim event will see employees collectively swim the width of the English Channel in a swimming pool in Hatfield. This will be followed by an abseiling event, called the Big drop.

Orchid has also rolled out a payroll-giving scheme, provided by Workplace Giving UK.

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