Vebnet partners Nuffield Health to offer access to private GPs

Vebnet has partnered Nuffield Health to allow its employer clients to offer their employees access to the healthcare provider’s private GP service.

The partnership, which is exclusive to Vebnet until 1 May 2014, includes:

  • A 15-minute consultation within 24 hours of the initial request.
  • Private referrals to consultants and specialists, either through private medical insurance or the NHS.
  • Private referrals for imaging, such as X-rays.
  • New and repeat prescriptions.
  • Provision of clinical diagnosis, advice and minor treatments.
  • Provision of pathology and diagnostic services.

James Hall, head of health and risk at Vebnet, said: “Most employers spend the vast majority of their healthcare budget on products that treat ill health after it has occurred. But we believe it makes sense for organisations to move towards a more balanced investment in both prevention and treatment.

“We know from experience that employees often spend time at work not feeling 100% because they either cannot get an immediate appointment with their GP or not at a convenient time. This service allows employees to see a private GP both quickly and at a location that suits them.

“When combined with private medical insurance, a private GP service can rapidly reduce the time taken to diagnose and treat an illness and potentially help prevent longer term absences, so it can be a valuable benefit for everyone.”

Dr Andrew Jones, managing director of Nuffield Heath, added: “The future of healthcare will be increasingly dominated by personalised and preventative approaches. 

“Nuffield Health has placed its strategy at the heart of the wellbeing agenda and we are delighted to be working in partnership with Vebnet to offer private primary care services.”