Cigna enhances benefits for mental illness and depression treatment

Provider Cigna has extended its healthcare offering to treat mental illness and depression, with an extended psychiatric benefit, online computerised cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and an alternative detox and rehabilitation programme.

The psychiatric benefit will offer a full refund on outpatient psychiatric care and up to £15,000 for inpatient and day case treatment.

The online computerised CBT is aimed at mild to moderate anxiety and depression. It offers choice to employees who may prefer an online course to traditional face-to-face CBT.

The alternative to traditional inpatient detox and rehabilitation programmes for the treatment of addictions is through a combination of home detox and rehabilitation on an outpatient basis.

Kirsty Jagielko, head of product management at Cigna, said: “We reviewed our cover in line with National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) guidelines and looked to the market for innovative care pathways.

“The most appropriate and effective means for treating mental health conditions is in most cases within the outpatient setting via cognitive behavioural therapy so we are delighted to now be able to offer a full refund for appropriate treatments.

“There are conditions that benefit from a blended approach of inpatient, day case and outpatient treatment so it was important to reflect that in our new inpatient benefit limit.”

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