SAP sees rise in take up of discounts cards

EXCLUSIVE: SAP has seen a rise in the take up of its discount cards due to improved communications and employees looking to save more.

In April 2013, 100 employees at the technology firm opted to take up the Gourmet Society restaurant discount card. This is a rise from the 52 employees that did so in 2012.

The organisation’s Free Card, a retail discount card provided by P&MM, also had increased take up. In April 2013, 88 employees took up the card, while 52 did so in April 2012.

Neil Hopkinson, total rewards partner at SAP, said: “I think communication and people wanting to save money are the driving factors behind the take up.

“If they eat out regularly, it makes sense to use the [Gourmet Society] card. For instance, if they are going to save more than £30 per year, it pays for itself.

“The card is attractive because it [can be used at] a mixture of restaurants; it’s not just expensive outlets.

“I suspect that the rise in numbers [of the retail discount card’s take up] is due to the same reasons as the Gourmet card: increased communication and employees looking to save money during tough, economic times.”

The benefits were communicated through presentations and emails. SAP also held two benefits fairs.