Chaucer hosts wellness week

EXCLUSIVE: Lloyds of London insurer Chaucer has launched a wellness week as part of its employee engagement strategy for 2013.

The five-day event, which started on 14 January, is being run for 700 employees across the organisation’s Kent and London offices.

Healthy breakfasts are on offer in staff cafeteria as well as lunch and learn sessions featuring an expert speaking to staff about nutrition, fitness and how to have a healthy mind at work. Around 50 employees are expected to attend the lunch and learn sessions each day.

Chaucer will also offer employees fitness and yoga classes, a boot camp and free entry to a local gym for the week.

A nurse will attend the organisation’s offices to offer health checks, which include blood pressure testing and body mass index (BMI) checks, with around 100 people at the London office and 200 at the Kent office expected to attend appointments during the event.

In addition, athlete Sally Gunnell will visit Chaucer’s London office on 16 January to speak to employees about fitness and the importance of having a healthy mind.

Karen Reid, head of HR at Chaucer, said: “We are really pleased that we are able to have the opportunity to implement the wellness week at Chaucer. It is very much a new initiative for us and part of our overall people strategy for 2013.

“We are trying to maximise our employee engagement and hope that this is one of a number of events that we will be running throughout the year.”

Chaucer plans to make the week an annual event and will be asking employees for feedback to help design future programmes.