URS/Scott Wilson harmonises flexible benefits schemes

URS/Scott Wilson is in the process of harmonising its flexible benefits package.

The global design and engineering firm was acquired by URS in September 2010.

The two businesses will keep their pension schemes separate but intend to consolidate the rest of the benefits package. Enrolment for the harmonised scheme will open at the end of March 2011.

Shelley Stock, HR systems assistant at URS/Scott Wilson, says: “We have been looking at what URS employees in the UK have compared to what Scott Wilson has. Because our flexible benefits scheme has been established for five years it made more sense to transfer URS staff over.”

In 2010, Scott Wilson increased its flexible benefits take up to 96.5% after adding a gourmet society dining card and gym membership, as well as increasing the amount of holiday staff can buy or sell from three to five days. This resulted in a 30% increase in days bought compared to 2009.

The benefits were added due to survey feedback from younger staff who asked for an increased range of lifestyle benefits.

Its MyBenefits scheme is provided by Vebnet and available to the firm’s 2,500 employees. The communication campaign for the 2010 enrolment period included teaser emails followed by reminder emails during the election period. This was accompanied by an online interactive brochure, online presentation and roadshows delivered to 75% of Scott Wilson’s regional offices.

David Walters, HR services director at URS/Scott Wilson, said: “After going for five years, we have been consistently improving the range of benefits on offer and responding to staff requests to offer something different.”

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