Case study: Axa

Axa’s online ‘My budget day’ resource is at the core of the insurance company’s financial education programme for employees.

The emphasis is on continuous financial management, with all employees being allowed to take an hour of their working time each month to use the site, which offers a number of interactive tools targeted at employees at different stages of their lives.

For example, there is one tool to help young staff calculate the cost of getting on the property ladder, while others cover budgeting for families and planning for retirement.

Fun interactive features, such as ‘Could you survive on a state pension?’, are designed to get a serious message across.

The website is supported and publicised in various ways, including seminars and features in Axa’s in-house magazine and an annual ‘My budget day’ each November, when new online tools are launched.

Sonia Wolsey-Cooper, group HR director, says the online system works well because it allows employees to access information at a time convenient to them, without affecting workflow.

“The feedback from our employees has been very positive over the past three years, with many visiting the ‘My budget day’ site on an ongoing basis and reporting they feel more in control of their finances. In turn, they feel more positively towards Axa as an employer.”

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