Wellness for all ages: How DocHQ Health Checks cater to different stages of life

For many people, especially younger generations, testing their health is not something they might necessarily think about. For other generations, keeping an eye on certain health metrics is extremely important.

That’s why health and wellbeing company DocHQ provides a range of at-home Health Checks that you can offer your employees so that they can receive information and feedback on a range of health needs, from vitamin levels to diabetes and menopausal hormones, whatever stage of life they may be at.

The test kits involve taking a simple finger-prick blood test, which your employees can easily do at home. Then they simpy send the sample pack to our certified lab for testing. Each test comes complete with a GP-verified results report, which includes doctors advice and recommendations so your employees are empowered to change their health for the better and prevent future issues.

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DocHQ’s range of Health Checks include:

Essential Vitamins Check
A test to see if you have vitamin D, vitamin B12 or folic acid deficiency. This is a useful check whatever the age of your employees, as depending on the results, they can make simple changes to their diet, or add in supplements, to address any vitamin insufficiencies.

Thyroid Check
Designed for those who are concerned they may have a thyroid disorder or are on treatment for a thyroid disorder and need to monitor their thyroid levels. The test checks thyroid stimulating hormone and serum free thyroxine.

Menopause Check
This is useful for anyone who thinks they may be approaching the menopause or is experiencing menopausal symptoms. It provides a quick snapshot of menopause status by measuring follicle stimulating hormone levels, helping to clarify any uncertainty regarding symptoms. We also offer a more detailed MenoBalance Check.

Cholesterol Check
Cholesterol is worth keeping an eye on, whatever your age, as if the levels are high it’s never too early to introduce dietary and lifestyle changes to help improve health. Our Cholesterol Check measures total cholesterol as well as HDL (‘good’ cholesterol) and LDL (‘bad’ cholesterol), as well as the total cholesterol/HDL ratio.

Diabetes Check
DocHQ’s Diabetes test measures the amount of blood sugar (glucose) which is chemically bound to the haemoglobin in the blood via a HbA1c test. The result provides an indication of whether you might be pre-diabetic, have diabetes or how well the diabetes is being controlled.

Each one of these tests can help reassure employees if they’re worried about their health, as well as helping to detect any potential health issues that might cause problems in the future while helping them avoid long waits on the NHS.

If you’re interested in providing your staff with the opportunity to check their health, we offer bespoke health-testing solutions, as well as innovative Fitness and Physio options, for your company depending on your staff’s requirements.

When employees know that their health is a priority and they are provided with the opportunity to test and track their results, they are more likely to take better care of themselves and manage their work-life balance effectively.

For more information on how DocHQ Health Checks can benefit your workforce and to find out more about bespoke corporate packages, email Amit Arora at [email protected]