How DocHQ’s group fitness classes can improve staff morale

Motivation is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when taking part in exercise. Too little, and there’s no reason to get active.

For many people, working out on their own does not provide enough interest or stimulation to keep them returning to the gym, treadmill or pool. Self-motivation can only get you so far.

This is where group workouts come in.

Exercising in a group has multiple benefits, even if it’s taking place remotely. Whether it’s meeting new members of the team or introducing some friendly competition, group fitness in the workplace can have a hugely positive affect on your staff.

One way you can introduce it into your workplace is to use DocHQ Fitness. Our innovative personal trainers meet with each member of staff on a virtual appointment to assess their fitness needs. They are then assigned their own bespoke exercise programme – which they can do remotely at their own convenience – using advanced AI body-tracking software that gives instant feedback to users on how to improve their form.

In addition, DocHQ Fitness – along with DocHQ Physio – can provide tailored workout programmes to your teams, and offers different levels, from beginner to advanced. We can also design goals and team challenges to inspire motivation among employees to take part and improve their fitness, and design bespoke programmes based around your company’s requirements.

In the long-term, this builds team morale and camaraderie, which in turn increases output and productivity, while reducing absenteeism. It achieves this in the following ways:

It builds a shared sense of purpose

With group fitness classes or challenges, everyone is working towards a singular goal, whether it’s to hit a certain number of reps or complete a circuit without stopping. The shared goal builds meaning and purpose into the workout, helping bond colleagues together.

It expands your employees’ community

Often, your people can get stuck working within only their team, rarely meeting or collaborating with colleagues from other departments. This can result in a fractured company, with employees struggling to make connections.

By using DocHQ Fitness, team members can meet other staff from the company as part of the workplace team challenges, where they are assigned team members to work with on their way to achieving their goals.

It changes people’s perception of exercise

Studies have found that when pitted against partners who are physically stronger than them, competitors will up their game in order to keep pace. In group fitness, this means that those who may not usually push themselves hard might find that they are hitting another gear in order to keep up with other members of the team. The overall result is that the entire team reaches their target quicker.

Not only this, though, but the entire workout is more enjoyable and gives increased pleasure to participants, leaving your staff more satisfied.

There’s accountability if you don’t turn up

That’s where DocHQ Fitness comes in. You can use our virtual fitness programme to set goals and challenges for your staff to complete, creating a shared sense of accountability within the teams taking part. They can use the challenges to work together to achieve the goals while improving their fitness – a win-win for everyone involved.

For more information on how DocHQ Fitness can benefit your employees, and to discuss tailored corporate packages, email Amit Arora at [email protected]