Diabetes prevention and management: How DocHQ’s Health Checks support a balanced lifestyle

Keeping fit and healthy has myriad elements to it and, as important as your physical health is, keeping an eye on what’s going on inside your body is also key to living a healthy lifestyle.

Tracking of health markers such as your vitamin and thyroid levels can help pinpoint insufficiencies that may be lacking in your diet and nutrition. Checking things such as blood sugar levels or cholesterol can indicate more serious issues around heart health and heart disease risk.

By using DocHQ’s Health Checks, you can help your employees keep on top of their health by offering them the opportunity to test for a wide range of issues. By doing this, they can remain informed of any potential conditions and prevent further problems and possible absenteeism further down the line by making changes to their diet, fitness and/or mental health – all of which DocHQ can help with.

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One important condition to check for is type 2 diabetes. Recent research by Diabetes UK found that 4.3 million people are currently living with a diagnosis of diabetes, an estimated 850,000 live with diabetes but are as yet undiagnosed, and more than 2.4 million at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

So to mark National Diabetes Day (14 November), here’s how DocHQ offers something unique to your people.

How DocHQ can help those with, or at risk of, type 2 diabetes

DocHQ Health Checks provide your employees with everything they need to take part and test themselves using our kits, either at home or at the office. We can tailor the tests to your company’s requirements, and if you would like to offer your employees the option to test blood sugar levels and cholesterol alongside other markers, that’s something that can easily be included.

By offering our Diabetes Check, you will be helping your workforce skip long NHS waiting lists, and the results can put them in charge of their own health, helping them determine what, if anything, they may need to change within their lifestyle or diet.

Our tests involve taking a small blood sample, which is then sent to our ISO and UKAS-accredited laboratories, where the samples are analysed by experts and result in a GP-verified set of results with advice, recommendations and support on what to do next.

The importance of blood sugar checks

Finding out if you’re at risk of type 2 diabetes is crucial because, if caught early, it can be reversed.

DocHQ’s glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c) test measures the amount of blood sugar (glucose) which is chemically bound to your haemoglobin in the blood. Haemoglobin is the part of your red blood cells that carry oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body.

The result will provide an indication of whether you are pre-diabetic, have diabetes or how well your diabetes is being controlled if you already know you have the condition. A plan can then be put in place if required to help your employees control their diabetes, including using DocHQ Fitness to keep them active during the working day.

If you would like to offer your staff DocHQ Diabetes Check and other bespoke health-testing services, email Amit Arora at [email protected]