Toy cockapoos named top dog breed for UK offices

toy cockapoosSomething for the weekend: As more UK offices open their doors to furry companions, dog harnesses business Barkridges has compiled a list of the top 10 dog breeds for dog-friendly UK offices, with toy cockapoos ranking first on the list.

Drawing insights from The Kennel Club, RSPCA and PDSA, Barkridges ranked dog breeds based on their size, energy needs and trainability.

Toy cockapoos earned the top spot due to their gentle and affectionate nature, adaptability, relatively low energy, easy trainability and friendly disposition, making them paw-some pals for office environments.

French bulldogs were ranked second because of their sweet, playful disposition, adaptability and relatively low exercise requirement, while Cavalier King Charles spaniels came in third due to their adaptable nature, friendly and easy-going nature and trainability, despite being slightly bigger than some of the other breeds on the list.

Employees based in offices would have a ball with shih tzus, which made the fourth spot. They are known for being playful and easy to train, with low exercise requirements and affectionate nature able to brighten up a work day.

Pugs, Cavachons, Pomeranian, Boston Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers, and Miniature Schnauzers also make Barkridge’s list of top 10 city breeds due to their intelligence, trainability, energy needs and size. They all can contribute paw-sitively to work and office environments.

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Anna Hui, founder and chief executive officer at Barkridges said: “Our research on the best dog breeds for dog-friendly offices in the UK highlights the importance of choosing the right four-legged colleague. Dogs in the office not only reduce stress but also enhance team morale and productivity. As you explore our ranking, remember that selecting the perfect office dog isn’t just about the breed; it’s about fostering a canine connection that brings harmony to your workplace.”

We at Employee Benefits think that if you have one of these breeds, you’d never have a ruff day at the office!