Barking Heads sniffs out Christmas Doggy Dinner taster

Something for the weekend: Natural pet food brand Barking Heads has started the hunt for its first ever canine Christmas Doggy Dinner taster to test its Christmas dog food menu.

The winning pooch will receive a year’s supply of dog food worth more than £100 delivered to their doorstep. In return, the canine connoisseur will taste Barking Heads’ festive feast and review it via their paw-rent.

On the menu is a starter of gourmet Pooched Salmon, a main meal of tantalising Top Dog Turkey or Plant Powered Pooches, and a mouth-watering dessert of Floss ‘N’ Gloss. After a three-course meal, two added treats are on offer: Gnawbreakers and Slobstoppers.

Owners will be asked to form the review based on the following criteria: tail wagging, relaxed body, if they assume a bottom up position with their chest low to the ground, happy barks and facial expressions, how quickly and how much they eat, and any other happy indicators specific to the dog. Barking Heads’ resident dog behaviourist Adem Fehmi will then analyse the results to find out how much the taste-tester enjoyed their Christmas Doggy Dinner.

The competition has been opened to owners aged 18 or above living in the UK, with a furry friend between one and eight years old who is active and a known food fanatic. It closes for entries on 17 December and the successful applicants will be notified on 20 December.

A Barking Heads spokesperson said: “At Barking Heads, we pride ourselves on high-quality natural food, made by the people who love dogs most. We use human-grade ingredients, and our food contains no fillers or additives, so your dogs are left happy and healthy after every meal. We understand the joy and laughter they bring, so it’s only right that we deliver the same happiness through our nutritious and delicious food.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we think you’d have to be barking mad not to apply if you have a canine companion who longingly eyes up your Christmas dinner every year. Now they can have their own festive feast!