3,966 paw-some dog-friendly UK job adverts listed between March and May


Something for the weekend: Just under 4,000 UK job openings between March and May 2023 included the term ‘dog-friendly workplace’, according to research by job advert search engine Adzuna and luxury British pet brand Lords and Labradors. If anyone’s having a ball, it’s the people who secured these roles.

Released to coincide with National Bring Your Dog to Work Day (23 June), the findings highlighted that roles within the IT sector boast the highest numbers of dog-friendly job opportunities, accounting for 671 paw-sitively thrilling vacancies listed on Adzuna. PR, advertising and marketing came a close second with 589 dog-friendly listings, with hospitality and catering in third place with 589.

London came out on top as the city offering the most dog-friendly job roles, with 1,567 listed in the same time period. The south east of England also ranked highly, with 538 dog-friendly paw-some job adverts available.

Johanna Buitelaar Warden, founder of Lords and Labradors, said: “Pets are known to reduce stress. There are many health benefits to spending time around dogs. It’s a good way to reduce both your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and doing so is also known to help people have a happier, more relaxed day.

“Having your dog with you will also help with your own socialisation. Dogs are a great conversation starter and often enable people to engage with others they may not have had a chance to speak with before. Your dog will still need some exercise even when he’s at work so instead of sitting at your desk for lunch having your pet with you will mean you’ll have to get out and do some exercise with them. A definite win-win situation.”

It’s hard to have a ruff day with a dog in the workplace, so we at Employee Benefits offer ap-paws to anyone who is able to have d-oodles of fun during their working day with a furry friend!