FinanceBuzz seeks Star Wars newcomer for paid role

Credit: Pavel Sneznyj/shutterstock

Something for the weekend: A Star Wars newbie in the United States could be paid $1,000 (approximately £795) to watch all nine movies in the Skywalker saga.

In celebration of Star Wars day, or May the 4th, personal finance site FinanceBuzz is looking for an official Wookiee Rookie to rate and evaluate the films from a true outsider’s perspective. The analysis will be included in an article published on FinanceBuzz, and will ultimately answer the question: is Star Wars worth it?

The applicant must be based in the United States, aged over 18 and be a complete newcomer to the world of Jedis and Ewoks. They must also be unfamiliar with all things Force-related, including any of the spin-off movies, video games and shows, such as The Mandalorian.

The Padawan will be paid $1,000 to enjoy all 25 hours and seven minutes of Episodes I to IX, as well as $100 to cover the costs of streaming and snacks.

Applications are due by 4 May, 11.59 EDT. The chosen candidate will be selected within two weeks, and we can only imagine that all other applicants will become Bantha fodder.

May the force be with you.