Thought Leadership: CEO Madhur Srivastava on why HR managers should employ Risk-Based Health Screening over annual health checks

By Madhur Srivastava CEO, DocHQ

HR is pivotal for a company’s success, serving as the strategic force behind talent acquisition that aligns with the company’s vision. It fosters a culture of innovation and ensures employees remain engaged and motivated. Beyond these roles, HR also acts as the guardian of organisational health by managing compliance and navigating the intricacies of workplace dynamics. It’s through these meticulously managed and nurtured human resources that a CEO’s ambitions – be it growth, innovation, or profitability – come to fruition.

Key HR strategies lie at the heart of this success. Efficient recruitment practices, competitive compensation and employee engagement initiatives not only bolster productivity but also enhance loyalty, thereby reducing turnover. In addition, the power of workforce analytics provides insights for making informed talent decisions, preserving institutional knowledge and charting future growth paths.

The corporate world is in flux, and with it, employee expectations evolve. Monetary compensation, while essential, is no longer the sole magnet for top talents. They now demand a more holistic approach to wellbeing – one that addresses their physical, mental and financial health. Employers have risen to this challenge, diversifying their benefits to include comprehensive health checks, mental health resources, flexible working conditions and opportunities for continuous learning.

Employees increasingly value preventative healthcare, emphasising regular health screenings and access to fitness and nutritional guidance. Mental health support, too, has become non-negotiable, with many seeking employers who provide counselling services or mindfulness programs. In a dynamic world, the key for employers lies in continuously reassessing and updating their benefits offering, ensuring it aligns with the current demands and holistic wellbeing of their workforce.

Amid a shifting corporate landscape, health and wellbeing are paramount. Employers are harnessing Health & Wellness Programs to combat stress and boost creativity. Annual Health Screenings underscore an employer’s investment in employee health, aiding in early issue detection and fostering trust. The digital era elevates Telemedicine Services, offering timely consultations and cutting down absenteeism. Employee Assistance Programs have emerged as a beacon for mental wellbeing, providing counselling against the backdrop of today’s high-pressure jobs. Meanwhile, Work-from-Home Options, a pandemic-born necessity, have crystallised as a staple, ensuring health and flexibility, and reducing burnout. Such strategic measures not only echo employee care but also act as catalysts in attracting and retaining top-tier talent.

In the realm of health and wellbeing, DocHQ proposes Risk-Based Screenings over the traditional annual health checks. By targeting specific health risks pertinent to individual employees based on their demographics, lifestyle and health history, these screenings are more personalised and therefore more effective (see Fig. 1).

Fig 1. DocHQ Risk-Based Health Screening Flow

Risk-based screenings don’t merely detect problems – they preempt them. Moreover, staggering these individualised checks throughout the year rather than a one-off annual appointment piques continuous engagement from employees, ensuring their health remains a priority year-round. The added advantage? Significant cost savings for employers. While frequent checks might seem daunting, in the long run, identifying and addressing health concerns early reduces the potential financial burden of long-term care. As such, transitioning to a risk-based approach to health screening is not just an innovative HR strategy, but a financially sound one, cementing a company’s commitment to genuine employee wellbeing and its bottom line.

In summation, the role of HR in shaping a company’s trajectory cannot be understated. From recruiting top talent to fostering an environment of growth and innovation, HR serves as the backbone of organisational success. As employee expectations shift, prioritising their holistic wellbeing through strategic health and wellness programs becomes vital. Embracing innovations such as DocHQ’s Risk-Based Screenings showcases an organisation’s foresight and commitment to both employee health and financial prudence. Ultimately, a company that understands and meets the evolving needs of its workforce is not just poised for success but also ensures a legacy of trust, loyalty and resilience in an ever-changing corporate landscape.

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