Seniorcare by Lottie announce partnership with Adroit

Planning ahead just became a doddle.

It’s human nature to procrastinate on the biggest, most important decisions of our life. On topics like Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney and Probate, we say, ‘we’ll deal with that another day’. Perhaps it’s our inherent laziness or just the fact that they are hard to decipher and discuss. I personally like to think it’s the latter. Previously, these could be very cumbersome topics to deal with, but now, thanks to Seniorcare by Lottie’s new partnership with Adroit Legal Services, these ever-important subjects now have the clarity and simplicity they deserve.

By joining forces, Seniorcare is now able to provide holistic guidance for employees looking to plan ahead and look after an elderly loved one. From choosing the right care to sorting out the family estate, Seniorcare is able to give the reassuring expertise needed. Adroit Legal Services (ALS) connects employees with a vetted panel of trusted and reputable solicitors and estate planning firms. This speeds up the process and ensures expertise is at the heart of your future.

Ronan Harvey-Kelly, Seniorcare by Lottie Lead, explains his excitement at the partnership. “Now more than ever, employees are focused on the health and wellbeing of their families, and employers are sensitive to the need to support their team in planning for the future and coping during difficult times. Adroit’s legal and bereavement services package allows employers to do just that”.

Lisa Lund from Adroit adds, “Having access to holistic bereavement and affordable legal services saves people time and means they have less to worry about, allowing them to be more productive in the workplace. Will writing not only provides a tangible and immediate benefit for employees, but also enables employers to encourage their team to plan ahead for the wellbeing of their family, should the unthinkable happen.”

However, it isn’t just the legal expertise that Adroit are so accustomed to help with, but also one of the most important emotional factors in workplaces too. Bereavement. If a member of the workplace passes away or an employee loses a loved one, the grief can rock you to your very core. Knowing how to deal with grief and bereavement in the workplace is so important on a humane and empathetic level. With the help of the National Bereavement Service (NBS), Adroit can capably support people and organisations on everything that comes with death. It is vital that Managers and HR teams know how to appropriately support bereaved colleagues when the time comes. The effect could really change people’s lives.

To commemorate Seniorcare by Lottie and Adroit’s partnership, we have devised a simple checklist when dealing with a bereavement at work: