In uncertain times, help employees plan ahead

As we clamber through the thickest of fogs, stumbling as we go, we can barely see the road ahead. In an almost post-apocalyptic aura we wonder what is around the dimly-lit and foreboding corner for us. Can we avoid redundancy? Should we keep the heating on? Will we ever experience the taste of a tomato ever again? Exaggerations aside, these are very uncertain times. The advice: just keep your head down and get through it. This too shall pass. And whilst it is hard to argue with the sentiment that life is full of ups and downs, it doesn’t help us take care of the present. If we all had the attitude of charging headlong into the abyss, just to get through it, where would we be?

Usually the biggest worry in our present, is the future. Of course employees are worried about losing their jobs and not paying their bills. A study by Adobe found that 80% of people are concerned by at least one global issue, impacting their productivity at work. However, a lot of that anxiety stems from problems on the horizon. According to a study of 3,000 people conducted by Workplace Intelligence and Amazon, 70% of people don’t feel prepared for the future of work. So organisations investing in their employees’ future actually has a bigger effect than they think on their company’s culture today.

Below we explore the three major ways in which HR Teams can help their employees today, simply by helping them plan ahead.

Focus on financial future

Financial stability is on the mind of most employees in these turbulent times. Not necessarily thinking how they will cope today, but into the future as well. Some employees are putting off buying houses or even starting a family because money is tight. Yes, you could give an extortionate raise to alleviate this, however, that definitely wouldn’t be the right answer in the eyes of your organisation. Instead, giving your employees the tools to look after their own financial future is a deft way of giving control to them.

There are a host of benefit solutions that focus on financial planning that help employees focus on the areas they need. Whether it’s creating a savings account, creating a piggy bank for buying their first home or consolidating their financial standing before retirement, this will help ease employee’s money concerns in a concentrated and compassionate way.

Focus on personal development

Employee’s generally don’t really care about being called ‘an integral cog in a well oiled machine’. Whilst it may be true in the grander scheme of things, it lacks personability. Instead, focusing on their own personal development in their career and as a human is much more powerful.

“What new skills would you like to learn?”

“What new attributes would help you progress your career?”

“Are there any extra skills that would improve your mental wellbeing?”

Even just the questions above hone in on a more personal way of communicating with your employees and show that you are invested in them as a human. In the same Amazon/Workplace Intelligence study previously mentioned, 88% of employees say they’re motivated to improve their skills. Offering the chance to improve their networking skills, upgrade their education or partake in a hobby that contributes within their workplace, shows them that you care in their personal and professional growth. However, don’t assume people want more tuition, but ask them what they want and offer a range of growth opportunities that will help contribute to their work and the culture.

Focus on family support

That employee (even if they are called Joe Bloggs) is much more than just an employee. That employee potentially has an entire family they are charged to look after. There is a context that goes way beyond their role in your organisation. Taking an interest in their family situation is the first step to give them more holistic support within your workplace. The second step is finding out what kind of role they perform outside of your workplace. Do they have children that are dependent on them? Do they have a parent that they provide caregiving responsibilities for?

By putting more importance in family benefit solutions, you can support your employee and their entire family too. This creates a stronger tie with their company and eases any burden they might be facing outside of work. Seniorcare by Lottie, the leading employee eldercare benefit solution, helps organisations support their staff. By giving them all the information on understanding, finding and funding care for their elderly loved ones. This is a simple, integrated service that relieves a huge amount of stress and money at the same time.

Now consider that the legal side of planning ahead can be full of complexity. If your employees could use help with Will writing, Probate or Lasting Power of Attorney, Seniorcare can provide all the support and expertise they need. By partnering with Adroit Legal, we are able to provide industry leading assistance in these hard to navigate areas with a personal human touch.

All these benefits above culminate into a more improved mental wellbeing, a reduction in sudden absenteeism and ensures your employee’s future is well protected. So, if you would like to learn more about how Seniorcare by Lottie can give your employees a boost, get in touch and talk with the team.

Take all the above action into account and you will find a valued employee is a happy employee.