Sadler’s Wells reports 12.46% mean gender pay gap

Sadler’s Wells
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London-based performing arts theatre Sadler’s Wells has reported a 12.46% gender pay gap for 2022.

Its median gender pay gap last year was 17.02%, with women’s median hourly pay being 17% lower than men’s. Women’s mean hourly pay was 12.5% lower than men’s.

Almost two-thirds (61%) of the Sadler’s Wells workforce in 2022 was female and 39% were male. The theatre’s upper pay quartile was 51% female, the upper middle was 48%, the lower middle was 65% and the lowest was 80%.

In the financial year ending March 2022, 59% of male employees and 48% of women received a bonus payment. The theatre’s mean bonus gender pay gap was 29% and its median bonus gender pay gap was 0%.

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Sir Alistair Spalding, artistic director and chief executive at Sadler’s Wells, said: “What we’re doing to improve gender equality at [Sadler’s Wells] includes staff having the right to request flexible working from day one, making learning opportunities easily available for all permanent and fixed-term workers, and working with Performing Arts (PiPA) to promote best practice employment in efforts to support parents and carers within the industry.

“We’d like to recognise that some of our employees don’t identify within the gender binary. We welcome people of all gender identities at Sadler’s Wells. For the purposes of the gender pay gap report, we have used the binary gender identity registered with the HMRC.”