Santander Consumer UK reports 26.5% mean gender pay gap

santander consumer ukSantander Consumer UK has reported that its mean average pay gap for 2022 was 26.5%, while its median gap was 26.6%.

According to the business, these figures were both 3.9 percentage lower than in 2021.

Women occupied 34.5% of the highest paid jobs and 63.8% of the lowest paid jobs, while 65.5% and 36.2% of men held roles in the top and fourth quartile respectively.

Meanwhile, Santander UK’s mean average bonus gap for 2022 was 53.9%, up 14.4 percentage points from 2021, while its median average bonus gap was 33.6%, up 0.5 percentage points. A total of 93.7% of men received a bonus, compared with 96.7% of women.

Santander UK noted the significant increase in the mean average bonus gap, and suggested that this was due to timing differences in the delivery of bonus payments.

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Diane Roberts, finance director at Santander Consumer UK, said: β€œThe gender pay gap takes into account all roles at all levels of the organisation, rather than comparing pay received by women and men performing the same roles. We are confident that [Santander UK’s] gender pay gap is not a pay issue; our approach to pay is gender neutral by design where like work for like pay is measured.

β€œ[Santander UK] has a diverse and inclusive culture and is about ensuring everyone, regardless of their background, ethnicity or gender has an opportunity to progress, develop and thrive. This is a commitment that starts at the very top of our organisation and flows through it. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, and to achieve this we embrace and are aligned to the actions undertaken by Santander UK.”