Ipsos reports 17.4% mean gender pay gap

Ipsos Market research firm Ipsos published its annual gender and ethnicity pay gap report, showing that its mean gender pay gap for 2022 was 17.4% in favour of male employees.

Its median gender pay gap was 8.3%. Meanwhile, its mean gender bonus gap was 33.2% and its median gap was 25%, with 41% of women and 44% of men receiving a bonus in 2022.

According to Ipsos, the pay gaps were due to an under-representation of women and ethnic minorities at its most senior levels. Overall, its workforce was 58% female and 42% male, with 52% of those in the top pay quartile being men and 57% of those in the lower quartile being women.

In the third edition of its ethnicity pay gap report, Ipsos’ mean ethnicity pay gap was 21.9% in favour of white employees and its median ethnicity pay gap was 15.7%.

The firm’s mean ethnicity bonus gap stood at 47.1% and its median gap was 25%, with 63% of white workers and 50% of ethnic minority staff receiving a bonus in 2022. The workforce was 75% white and 25% members of an ethnic minority.

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Kelly Beaver chief executive, UK and Ireland at Ipsos, said: “At Ipsos we firmly believe that the diversity and range of skills, experiences, backgrounds and ideas we have here in the UK creates a richer working environment for us all and a stronger offer for our clients. We want to be open about the challenges we face in both areas, acknowledge we are not where we need to be and hold ourselves accountable to driving change.

“The changes we are making within Ipsos will take time to have an impact on both pay gaps. We want to keep moving in the right direction and have commitment from across the organisation to continue to do what we feel is right, driven by our collective passion to make Ipsos a welcoming place where everyone can thrive.”