Workplace Options launches cognitive behavioural therapy tool

Workplace Options has launched a computerised cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) tool to provide a higher level of support for employees.

The application is designed to integrate with the personalised support employees receive from counsellors in treating behavioural and psychological problems, such as stress and anxiety.

The self-paced programme encourages participants to interact with the application on a weekly basis, and to monitor their own perceptions of how they are functioning in terms of personal wellbeing, close family relationships, work and social roles.

Alan King, president and chief operating officer at Workplace Options, said: “Combining computerised CBT services with telephone and face-to-face counselling can benefit both employers and employees.

“We have an opportunity to further engage employees, provide an even higher level of support and also more effectively manage their cases.

“Ultimately, the hope is individuals using this service will find it useful in meeting their goals for improving quality of life, both in and away from the office.”

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