Shilling Communication launches online pensions directory

Shilling Communication has launched an online pensions directory which provides the public with access to a catalogue of UK organisations’ pension websites.

The website is available to current and deferred members, retirees, families and dependants to find their organisation’s pension schemes, where the organisations have put their schemes online.

Kevin Shilling, CEO of Shilling Communication, said: “The philosophy behind the website is very simple – to allow the public straightforward access to their pensions information.

“In modern society, most people do not stay with one employer over the course of their working life and monitoring your pension, especially following changes of employer can be awkward. With many adjustments to the type of scheme and company structure, it is easy to feel disconnected from your savings and many people struggle to manage their money.

“More and more pension schemes have recognised the importance of making their pensions communications available online and this website responds to that, but also takes it one step further, recognising the †need for a single point of reference as many individuals struggle to track their specific information using standard search engines.”

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