Michelin guarantees global living wage and enhances parental and healthcare benefits

Michelin living wage
Credit: ricochet64 / Shutterstock.com

Tyre manufacturing organisation Michelin is to guarantee a living wage for its more than 100,000 global employees, as well as enhancing parental and healthcare benefits.

As part of its deployment of a living wage worldwide, to guarantee employees a salary equivalent to at least the living wage, Michelin received the global living wage employer certification from the Fair Wage Network.

The network defines the living wage as remuneration that enables each employee to provide for their family’s essential needs, such as food, housing, transport, children’s education and healthcare, while also providing for unexpected events and buying consumer goods.

In addition, the organisation has enhanced its Michelin One Care Programme, which provides a social benefits package to all of its employees worldwide.

This includes at least 14 weeks of maternity and adoption leave, and four weeks of paternity and adoption leave at full pay, the payment of a death benefit equal to at least one year’s salary to the family of a deceased employee, regardless of the employee’s length of service, and an education annuity for orphans until the end of their post-secondary education.

It has also introduced access to a healthcare programme for all employees and their families, which includes coverage for hospitalisation, emergencies, maternity care, consultations and outpatient treatment.

Florent Menegaux, chief executive officer of Michelin, said: “Michelin is transforming. The group is committed to an ambitious value-creation approach, based on economic and financial performance, and at the same time on actions to safeguard the planet and to foster people’s development. These three dimensions are mutually beneficial and interdependent. We can only achieve our ambitions if we take the human dimension fully into account. This means, that at Michelin, we care about giving people a better way forward.”