On-site health screening launches in the Channel Islands

An on-site health screening service has been launched in the Channel Islands enabling employers to provide staff with the perk without having to send them the UK for a check up.

Healthcare provider IHC is offering health screening to employers based in the Channel Islands, in association with Prevent plc, which provides on-location health screening services. The service has been designed to be offered to executives.

Historically, employers have had to fly executives to the UK for health screening. According to IHC, the new scheme is expected to reduce the overall cost of health screening to employers on the islands by as much as 75%.

Gemma Hawkes, manager at IHC, said: “By removing the stress and hassle of travelling to the UK, on-site screening is likely to provide a realistic picture of people’s health and wellbeing. At the moment the health screening is leaning more towards executives, but it is open to anyone. The way it will operate as a benefit, will vary from company to company.”

The Channel Islands are unaffected by the recent change in tax legislation in the UK, so health screening on the islands does not have to be made available to all employees, for tax exemptions to apply.