Vision Service Plan launches in the UK

EXCLUSIVE: Vision Service Plan (VSP) has extends its eyecare offering to employers in the UK.

The US eyecare provider, which works with 40,000 employers in the US, will offer optical benefits to employers, encouraging them to create wellness programmes for their employees through eyecare.

VSP is working with the Association of Optometrists and the National Eyecare Group in the UK to develop the awareness of the importance of eye examinations and corrective eyewear as a health and wellbeing benefit for employees.

Its proposition includes:

  • Up to £500 for employees to spend every 24 months on eye tests, glasses and other eyecare.
  • Employer and employee choice of provider.
  • Cover for prescription sunglasses, sports glasses, contact lenses and laser-eye surgery.
  • Cover that can be employer-paid, offered via a flexible benefits plan or through a salary sacrifice arrangement.

Jeremy Chadwick, managing director at VSP, said: “We can catch serious conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol during an eye exam.

“Through early identification and treatment, employees can enjoy healthier lives, while organisations have lower healthcare costs, reduced absence and improved productivity.”