TikTok video reveals corporate job with shockingly long working hours

corporate job hoursSomething for the weekend: Some jobs will require employees to be on call some of the time, which they are generally aware of before starting the role. However, there are some employers that push this a bit too far.

Devin Raimo, who goes by @devinraimo on TikTok, explained in her now viral video that her former corporate job kept her and her co-workers on call at all times, for well past 24-hour shifts. Some of her colleagues even had to work on their own wedding days.

Employees were required to attend a team check-in meeting every day at 2am and were assigned work that they were expected to do straight after. Her employer also expected immediate responses to all correspondence, resulting in everyone on her team informing one another of their showering schedules so they knew no one had accidentally fallen asleep.

Raimo said: “I got this job right out of college that seemed like a really good job. And I knew that the hours were gonna [sic] be long especially at certain times of the year, but everyone was like, oh no, it’s not that bad. And at first it wasn’t that bad, like I would be working until like 10 o’clock. One night at around 1am, my coworker Greg was like, ‘oh, I’m [going to] take a shower’. They were literally about to like send a SWAT team to his house because they couldn’t find him and he was just in the shower.”

Raimo explained that her final straw with this behaviour was an incident at her sister’s wedding. She informed her boss months before that she could not work on that particular day, but then received multiple calls and messages at the event asking her where she was. She stated that she then quit and gave her two weeks’ notice.

While some jobs are highly pressurised and require long working hours, we at Employee Benefits think this is going too far. Treating employees well is a sure-fire way to boost morale and retention