David Woodward: Payroll issues around auto-enrolment

Many employers have needed to make changes to their payroll systems and to consider whether their payroll provider can offer what is needed to comply with auto-enrolment regulations.

One of our customers has been diligent in its evaluation of the options, thorough in its planning activity and engaged the
right professionals at the right time. The net effect of this is a fully integrated pension and payroll solution.

Spending too long trying to find ways to make low-cost or free solutions work diverts employers’ attention and affects their ability to implement the necessary changes in time.

Another example of poor auto-enrolment activity is choosing a middleware solution that requires complex interfaces with the payroll system and results in interruption of the payroll cycle, leading to additional processing time that is high risk in very tight payroll schedules.

David Woodward is chief product and innovation officer at Ceridian