Whipps Cross University Hospital NHS Trust asks staff to sacrifice holiday to cut costs

Whipps Cross University Hospital NHS Trust has asked employees to sacrifice annual leave as part of cost-reduction plans.†

The hospital has formally asked all employees to consider giving up annual leave, or taking unpaid leave, on a voluntary basis.

The holiday-sacrifice measure is part of a range of cost-cutting exercises, which also include asking consultants to work an extra clinical session every month.

The executive team has agreed to give up two days annual leave from now until the end of the financial year.

Cathy Geddes, chief executive of Whipps Cross University Hospital NHS Trust, said: “Staff across the Trust are responding positively to the measures, and to our efficiency plans.

“We recognise that many people already go the extra mile and deliver over and above their job requirements. By working together, we will all be helping to ensure that we can put maximum funds into our frontline services.”

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