Changes to exercise and diet are top staff wellbeing objectives

Employees cite changes to their exercise routines and their diet as their top wellbeing objectives, according to a survey from wellbeing consultancy Tonic.

During its tour of the UK with its wellness programmes, Tonic outlined key strategies to optimum health and wellbeing and motivated participants to commit to some positive healthy living behaviour changes, and asked employees what their priorities for change were.

Of the respondents, 39% listed more exercise as their top priority, while 22% would like to eat more healthily.

Other popular objectives chosen by participants were to improve their work-life balance, lose weight, and improve stress management.

Jeff Archer, Tonic’s director, said: “Properly researched and targeted wellness programmes help staff take appropriate action, quickly and effectively, to enable them to experience the benefits of a healthier lifestyle immediately.

“As soon as they begin to feel better, particularly in relation to their energy levels, their confidence and their personal effectiveness, the pay off for each individual and for the business as a whole is immense.”

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