Olympic chief defends £250,000 salary for three-day-week

The London 2012 Olympic Games has been praised for the role it will play in regenerating East London – one of the poorest areas in the UK.

However, thoughts of the deprived and less advantaged in society did not filter into the consciousness of chair of the Olympic Delivery Authority John Armitt, when he defended the £250,000 salary he gets paid for working a three-day week.

In fact, when asked to justify both his own pay and bonus and that of chief executive David Higgins during a London Assembly meeting, held yesterday, Armitt appeared to snub lower earners.

Brian Coleman, Conservative party assembly member, asked Armitt: “How on earth in a recession with spending cuts across the board do you feel you can justify, particularly in the case of Mr Higgins, reward which is that of a city banker?

Armitt responded: “I’m not expecting sympathy from someone who is getting £20,000 a year for someone who is getting £250,000 a year.

“We are in a market economy for people relating to skills they have and I am sorry I am not going to consider reducing the chief executive’s salary or package, or reduce mine.

“My salary reflects the job I am doing and the jobs I have done in the past.”

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