BBC to trim senior management remuneration

The BBC Trust has endorsed a new pay strategy that will see it cut the amount it spends on paying its senior managers by 25% over the next three and a half years.

It has also agreed to a proposal to freeze the pay of executive board directors for a further three years.

The moves comes after the Trust asked the executive board to review the BBC’s approach to remuneration, recognising the wider economic climate, the expectations of licence fee payers, and the corporation’s own efficiency targets.

Other proposals include seeking to reduce total numbers of senior managers by 18% within three and a half years, the indefinite suspension of bonuses for all executive directors and members of the BBC Direction Group, and to suspend bonuses for other directors and senior managers for a further two years.

Mark Thompson, director general of the BBC said: “A few months ago we announced our determination to reduce the amount we pay top on-air talent. The recommendations we have announced today seek to achieve similar reductions within our senior management community. Senior managers will see their total remuneration fall over the period, with the biggest reductions felt by those in the most senior positions.”

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