Pension ranks top of perks

Two-thirds of UK employees (66%) believe that they do not receive any benefits, according to the Benefits research from Canada Life Group Insurance.

When respondents were asked to list in order of preference ten specified benefits, the most popular was an employer-contributed company pension scheme, while holiday of more than 20 days per year was second. A host of protection products then followed, ranking ahead of perks such as eye tests, childcare advice and gym membership.

The online research showed some confusion as to what constitutes a perk, with 3% of respondents defining statutory sick pay as a benefit. The study also showed that 9% believed that their basic holiday allocation was a perk.

However, 39% of the 451 respondents felt that good benefits were as important as a good salary and 81% of employees would move jobs if they were offered the same salary but better benefits.

Top five benefits:

Pension 14.1%
More than 20 days holiday 13.2%
Income protection †12.3%
Basic health protection 12.3%
Critical illness 10.6%

Source: Canada Life Group insurance