Employers fail to check employees’ cars are roadworthy

Many employers do not have procedures in place to check if employees who use their own cars on business regularly maintain their vehicles.

Some 83% have no such procedures in place, while almost three-quarters (74%) do not ask employees for a valid MOT for their car, according to the Grey Fleet Report from fleet provider Arval.

As a result, as many as one-in-four vehicles, amounting to over one million cars, are potentially poorly-maintained and incorrectly insured, raising fears for driver safety.

The survey of more than 400 fleet managers also shows that less than a quarter (24%) of businesses conduct any form of risk assessment or driving training, while more than half (56%) have no procedures for reporting accidents in non-company provided cars.

Mark Bird, a superintendent in the Metropolitan Police Traffic Unit, said: “Businesses must face up to their duty-of-care responsibilities and realise that they are responsible for the welfare of their employees when on the road for business purposes, whether they are driving a company car or not. More and more, we carry out follow-up investigations with companies after collisions, to ensure that work-related road safety is embedded within company policies.””