Case study: Oscar Mayer employees join the voluntary benefits club

Food production company Oscar Mayer launched an employee benefits club in 2000 to give all staff the opportunity to take up voluntary benefits.†

The club was initiated by company owner and chairman John Bigwood because, like most similar organisations at that time, benefits were provided for its managing directors and senior management, but not for the rest of its employees.

The Millie Club, originally branded as the Millennium Benefits Scheme, is a voluntary benefits scheme that costs an employee £2.25 a week to join. For this, they can access a range of benefits, including a Bupa cash plan and free legal cover. The company also recently launched a discount scheme with Logbuy, which is incorporated into the Millie Club.

Ken Martin, group benefits manager at Oscar Mayer, explains: “We are trying to provide a scheme which has something for everybody.”

Martin says the Millie Club provides access to services that employees would not normally consider. “They would not normally buy into a lot of our benefits – things like will-writing and contacting solicitors for advice – outside the workplace, so we provide that as part of the overall benefits package.”

The Millie Club has proved hugely successful in terms of employee take-up. Of the firm’s 1,600 employees, almost 1,300 have joined up.

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