Staff should not expect lavish festive workplace celebrations

In this age of austerity employees may be wise not to expect much from festive workplace traditions such as the Christmas party.

Research conducted by shopping website found that despite all their hard work, less than half (46%) of employees will be treated to a work Christmas shindig this year.

The research also suggested that workers who participate in a ‘Secret Santa’ with their colleagues can expect an unprecedented drop in the quality of gifts received.

Only 39% of workers participate in a ‘Secret Santa’ and for those that do take part, the average budget sits at £7. However, this is often ignored with a fifth (20%) of penny-pinching Brits admitting to scrimping on the set budget to save money.

A further 29% have recycled a present they have received and nearly a quarter (24%) of ungrateful workers throw their gift away.

Duncan Jennings, co-founder of, said: “As UK businesses continue to feel the pinch, Christmas parties understandably slide further down the financial agenda and employees also feel the strain on their personal budgets.”

So, with staff keeping a close eye on their budgets, there may be a greater chance of colleagues being presented with soap on a rope or a second-hand copy of a Jeffrey Archer novel.