Wellbeing4Business launches workplace wellbeing challenge

Wellbeing4Business has launched an online team challenges programme to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace.

The Healthy Teams programme, which is available for employers of all sizes, provides access to a web portal that enables them to run team-based wellbeing challenges for staff.

Each challenge lasts for four weeks, during which time participating teams can track and compare their progress through the portal. The challenges include weight loss, resilience and a workplace cycle challenge.

The tracking facility also allows employers to award prizes, recognising team members who have made a special effort to improve their personal, team and corporate health and wellbeing.

Healthy Teams experts are also on hand to support each organisation and its employees.

Mark Holt-Rogers, owner of Wellbeing4Business, said: “Team challenges are a powerful way to enable organisations to implement employee wellbeing programmes to drive business improvements in tough times.

“With access to podcasts and videos explaining how to exercise safely and effectively, we provide organisations with the tools they need to implement small changes that will benefit the health and productivity of their workforce.

“Investing in healthy and resilient teams means smart employers are building a healthy and resilient business, which is crucial in today’s competitive market.”