Teachers support link between their pay and performance

Three-quarters of teachers surveyed believe that their annual salary increases should be linked to performance, according to research by the Sutton Trust.

The research, which surveyed nearly 1,700 teachers from 1,200 primary and secondary schools across England, was commissioned by the Sutton Trust and carried out by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER).

Just over half (52%) felt that teachers should be awarded salary points annually, unless they are judged to have performed poorly. A further 39% felt that the conditions should be more stringent, with scale points only awarded to those teachers who are judged to have performed well.

About two-thirds of teachers surveyed felt that their performance should be judged by more senior staff. Nearly half thought that the progress and attainment of their students should play a role.

Peter Lampl, chairman of the Sutton Trust, said: “It is right that teachers’ pay should be related to their performance, and they should also be required to undertake professional development if they are not performing at an effective level.

“We need to strike the right balance between attempting to improve the performance of poorly performing teachers through professional development and our responsibility to safeguard children’s right to being taught effectively.”

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