Age-old tradition of elevenses eroded by modern working practices

As the country prepares to celebrate the best of British for the Queen’s Jubilee, a study has found that the age-old tradition of elevenses has been eroded by modern working practices.

The survey, conducted by juice producer PomeGreat, found that 54% of British workers now favour a mid-morning snack by 10:30 am at the latest.

This is because more employees are getting up earlier than they did a few years ago, with 37% dealing with emails in bed, at the breakfast table and on their commute.

The issue is clearly not just a storm in a teacup. Experts are calling for morning breaks to be formally rescheduled to 10am and renamed ‘tensies’.

Employees are being encouraged to have healthy snacks and beverages instead of indulging in the traditional tea, coffee and cakes.

Dorian Dugmore, chief executive of the Wellness Academy, said: “It is very important to manage and maintain energy levels throughout the day.

“Elevenses has been a great British ritual for many years, but, as people are now beginning their working day earlier and earlier, it is simply too late to wait for an energy boost.”

It is difficult to imagine marathon snackers such as Paddington Bear worrying about vitamin levels when choosing a beverage to go with his marmalade sandwiches.

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