Cigna UK launches guides to mental health

Cigna UK has launched two new online guides to help tackle mental health in the workplace.

One of the guides provides support and advice to employers managing mental health issues in their organisation, which could range from stress and depression to addictions and eating disorders.

Additionally, there is a member’s guide to help those living with a mental health condition manage their symptoms and return to good mental health.

The guides are part of Cigna’s ongoing commitment to help employers limit the impact of health conditions in the workplace.

Kirsty Jagielko, head of product management at Cigna UK, said: “I am delighted to introduce the latest of our condition management programmes.

“With mental health conditions affecting around 15% of the UK population each year, it is essential that we work with employers to improve awareness and remove any stigma that may still be attached.

“Staying away from the workplace can exacerbate many mental health conditions so it is vital that we work together to help employees return to and stay in work.”

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