The Pensions Trust chooses ITM to manage data analysis software

The Pensions Trust has appointed Independent Transition Management (ITM) to implement its data analysis software, Daart.

Maurice Titley, director at ITM, said; “It is great to see schemes, like The Pensions Trust, demand better data quality for their members as many other schemes struggle daily with issues caused by poor data quality and, far too frequently, administrators have to grapple with legacy data problems.

“Good quality data is a basic need for every pension scheme and one that will have a huge impact on the scheme’s long-term health if not addressed sooner rather than later.” 

Phil Bradish, head of business improvement and customer services at The Pensions Trust, added: “As an organisation, we are absolutely committed to providing the best service to our members, making sure we have the best quality of data possible is a big part of that.”

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