Kyocera Mita appoints Cartlidge Morland to advise on pensions

The documents solutions firm Kyocera Mita UK has appointed Cartlidge Morland as consultant to the company’s UK group personal pension scheme.

Cartlidge Morland will also provide advice on the death-in-service and income protection schemes, as well as on-going independent financial advice for all employees.

Employees’ pension funds will be regularly reviewed, and employees’ attitudes to investment and risk will be fully reflected and maintained.

Sandra Rogers, HR manager, Kyocera Mita, said: “We are pleased to have appointed Cartlidge Morland as a consultant to our employee benefits arrangements and in particular our pension scheme.

“We feel they will support our management rationale which is to provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees.”

Alex Reeves, managing director, employee benefits, Cartlidge Morland, added: “Our aim is to provide a high level of individual attention on a regular basis rather than on a ‘one off’ occasion to enable Kyocera Mita to provide pension arrangements, and other schemes to support their staff and their business.”

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