South West Trains stretches perks

South West Trains has extended its health benefits programme following an increase in staff numbers. The train operator is running its healthy workplace fairs again next month to encourage staff to look after themselves. Barbara Davenport, head of occupational health at South West Trains, said it was continuing to come up with fresh ideas around health in the workplace.

"We give [staff] some health messages in a fairly relaxed way. We’ve got a bigger staff now, it’s grown from 3,500 to just under 5,500, so we need some extra hands," she said. Davenport added that the programme for the fairs has been extended to include issues around musculo-skeletal injuries and stress. Previously, cardiovascular concerns and healthy eating were the key topics.

The fairs will operate over a ten day period and are available to all staff. Therapies include Indian head massages, tai chi, yoga and pilates.