Karen Reid: Staff wellness plays role in engagement

I read the letter ‘Staff need support on health’ in February’s Employee Benefits with interest [because] at Chaucer we have just held our first wellness week involving health checks, healthy breakfasts, fitness classes and lunch-and-learns for 700 staff.

When planning our wellness week, as well as being a ‘fun week’, we were conscious of the important role it should play in employee engagement. Our objective was to encourage staff to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle and set personal goals for the whole year.

The week proved extremely successful. In a survey conducted after the event, 84% of staff that responded said they were motivated to make health changes in 2013: a definite step in the right direction. For employers that have not held a wellness week in the workplace, I would very much recommend it.

Karen Reid is head of HR at Chaucer Syndicates