Yorkshire Water changes course on staff statements

Yorkshire Water has switched providers for its total reward statements.

The utilities firm, which has provided total reward statements for its 2,400 staff for four years, switched to Benefex because it felt it was time to work with a new partner to ensure a higher level of accuracy.

The company provides paper statements because it has many staff in field roles who do not have regular access to the internet. It briefly moved to online statements in 2007 but switched back within a year because the offline version suited its workforce.

The latest statements, which were distributed at the end of 2010 to ensure staff had access to their details for a full year, will undergo a further design and content change for 2011.

Karen Rider, employee relations and reward specialist at Yorkshire Water, said: “We wanted to issue total reward statements to our employees before the end of the calendar year, therefore the timescales were tight.”

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