Case study: Asda uses Facebook campaign to promote share scheme

Asda began offering its sharesave plan in 1982 and has used different marketing tools to build take-up each year. Last year, the supermarket giant, supported by Computershare Plan Managers, introduced a Facebook page to
promote the scheme to younger staff.

Laura Wilcock, shares manager at Asda, says: “We have always found sharesave is not as popular among our younger staff and wanted a way to get the message out to them.

“We had just started working with Computershare, which suggeste †we build on the success of our employee website. This has a popular Facebook page and it suggested we set one up for sharesave, too.”

The Facebook campaign ran through the launch period, giving staff updates on the option price, as well as reminders to sign up.

“Although we did not monitor where sign-ups came from, we did see an increase in take-up, with about 26,000 of the 150,000 eligible staff taking up the offer,” says Wilcock. This was an increase of about 2,000 on the previous year’s figure.

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