Vebnet adds electronic P60s to technology

Vebnet has added electronic P60s to its technology with immediate effect.

This follows HM Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC) decision to amend pay as you earn (PAYE) regulations to allow electronic P60s to be issued from 6 April.

Until now HMRC insisted mployers issued paper P60s to all employees but a change in regulation means for the tax year 2010/2011 employers will be able to supply an electronic copy only.

James Verner, sales director at Vebnet, said: “This is great news on a number of levels. With more of our clients using our electronic payslip and P11D option, the electronic P60 is an automatic and natural extension of this technology and makes perfect sense in terms of consistency and good practice.

“For employers, P60 production will become less cumbersome and as a result more cost effective, and of course we have the added bonus of saving paper.”

Vebnet will contact its clients to give them details of how they can access the new service.

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