Wetherspoon adds health screening to flex scheme

JD Wetherspoon has revamped its flexible benefits scheme by adding health screening and carbon offsetting, via salary sacrifice arrangements, from April.

The pub chain is offering health screening via its flex scheme, which is limited to head office staff. However, there is general uncertainty over the way the perk will be treated for tax purposes going forward. HM Revenue & Customs introduced new rules last year taxing the perk as a benefit-in-kind unless it is provided to all staff. It later did a U-turn pending a review and clarification of the rules is expected.

Carol Moloney, JD Wetherspoon compensation and benefits manager, said: “Health screening is still a worthwhile benefit as the rates accessible will be better than individuals could access themselves directly. We will continue to monitor it as we do with all benefits, in line with [advice from our] advisers.”

The carbon offsetting initiative will allow staff to calculate their carbon footprint online and then buy trees to help offset the damage they cause to the environment. “Green benefits fit in with our corporate agenda,” said Moloney.