BSkyB makes its fleet safer

BSkyB is introducing driver training across the organisation as part of a health and safety initiative instigated by new chief executive officer James Murdoch. The news organisation piloted the scheme, run by risk assessment provider Drivetech, on 100 Sky Sports staff and is now rolling the scheme out across the group. Mark Sayer, group head of health and safety, said: "We’ve got a new CEO and he’s trying to make sure BSkyB is a safe place to work. We went through a risk assessment which identified action we needed to take to resolve potential problems that could lead to disruption to the business." Company cars were identified as one of the main hazards and the firm hopes the driving safety scheme will cut this risk. Employees take online assessments and courses, followed up by behind-the-wheel lessons if required. Some 200 company car users and 600 staff with cash allowances will take part. Sayer added that it might be possible to cut insurance premiums also. "We are looking in to all the benefits we can gain from this to make sure the organisation gets as much of a return as possible on the investment that it has made."